HUD requires public housing authorities (PHAs) to submit annual and five-year PHA Plans. To assist PHAs in completing their plans, this page provides data about community-wide housing needs and links to HUD Web sites containing information about the plans.

Find Data for PHA Plans
  • HUD CHAS 2010-2014 data
    City- and county-level data from the HUD Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) dataset. Includes data on tenure, housing problems, race, income, household demographics, and housing affordability.
  • Affordable Housing Needs Assessment Quick Report
    View and download preformatted data tables on the local housing inventory, conditions, affordability, and population projections for a single city or county.
  • Assisted Housing Inventories
    The databases that make up the Assisted Housing Inventory provide information on publicly assisted housing in Florida. This information includes information on housing location, funding sources, expiring periods of affordability and population served. There are approximately 2,500 individual developments found in these inventories, which include information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Florida Housing Finance Corporation and Local Housing Finance Authorities.
  • General Unit Characteristics Data Access Tool
    Allows the user to create custom data sets on local housing supply and conditions. Indicators include year 2011-2015 data on housing costs and cost burden, home values, rents, substandard housing conditions, unit age and type, construction demand and need projections, and vacancy and occupancy status. Users may choose any combination of jurisdictions, counties, and metropolitan areas in Florida.
  • Household Demographics Data Access Tool
    Provides 2000-2040 estimates and projections of households by age of householder, tenure, household size, income, and cost burden. Users may choose any combination of years and variables for any combination of jurisdictions, counties, and metropolitan areas in Florida.
  • Disability and Household Characteristics Data Access Tool
    Provides access to current data about households including persons with disabilities age 15 or older in Florida counties and multi-county areas. Data include income, cost burden, household size, tenure, age of householder, and household size.