A project of the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies and Florida Housing Finance Corporation, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Window of Opportunity Initiative

In 2006, the Shimberg Center conducted a survey of agencies with an interest in assisted housing preservation. We asked what data, if any, each organization collects on properties and what data should be collecte to support preservation.

The survey identified 53 "data collector" organizations and 14 priority data elements (for-profit vs. non-profit ownership, unit mix, types & years of funding, presence/absence of rent subsidies, mortgage maturity date, expiration of Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA) or Extended Use Agreement (EUA), rent subsidy contract expiration, date eligible for opt-out or mortgage prepayment, notice of opt-out or termination submitted, number of assisted units, demographic served, property rents, average rents in surrounding area, and summary of capital needs). See report for more information.

The map shows what types of organizations collect data in each state, the types of properties for which they collect data, and the extent to which the organizations collect the priority variables:

Click on the map to learn more about the data collectors in a particular state. To add information about another data collector in any state, e-mail the Shimberg Center at fhdc-comments@shimberg.ufl.edu.


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