A project of the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies and Florida Housing Finance Corporation, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Window of Opportunity Initiative

MacArthur Project for the Research and Analysis of Affordable Housing Preservation Data and the Development of Risk Assessment Tools

By the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies and Florida Housing Finance Corporation

In April 2006, the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies at the University of Florida and Florida Housing Finance Corporation made a proposal to the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation through its Window of Opportunity: Preserving Affordable Rental Housing initiative to fund a project to improve national data collection and analysis related to the preservation of subsidized rental housing. In June, the MacArthur Foundation agreed to fund this proposal.

Over the next 19 months, the Shimberg Center and Florida Housing will implement the following objectives to complete this project—

Develop a national consensus on the design of a normalized, national preservation data infrastructure that will allow data to be aggregated at the state and national level for purposes of prioritizing and tracking preservation efforts over time.

The objective here is to convene a centrally located meeting of thirty to fifty preservation experts from local, state and national levels from around the country to address the following issues:

To see the Final Report of the National Preservation Data Infrastructure Conference, click here; for the Appendices to the Final Report, click here

Identify the data on subsidized properties that provide the most useful information for policy decisions and program delivery, with a particular focus on the factors that flag an individual property as a potential loss to the subsidized housing inventory; and develop tools that use these data to help policymakers and housing professionals identify properties most at risk of loss to the inventory.

In this case the objective is to develop and evaluate a list of factors that may affect multifamily property owners’ decisions to retain or terminate affordability restrictions and develop an assessment tool that can be used nationwide to identify individual properties at risk of loss of affordability to assist in targeting preservation efforts. For example, these factors might include the age and physical condition of the property, the level of market rents versus project rents, ownership status, and marketability and area vacancy rates.

Collect these data for subsidized properties in Florida localities and provide public access to this information through the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse.

The objective of this data collection and maintenance activity is to enhance the Clearinghouse’s Assisted Housing Inventory (AHI) and to develop methods for data collection and routine data maintenance with a particular focus on preservation-related information. The purposes for building this expanded database include:

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